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About the Center

The Gastrointestinal Eosinophilic Diseases Program (GEDP), within the Digestive Health Institute at Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHCO), was founded by Glenn Furuta, MD to focus on a fundamental understanding of the role of eosinophils in the GI tract. Studies focus on the mechanisms underlying interactions between eosinophils and resident cells of the GI tract and how these relationships contribute to host health and disease. The GEDP produces cutting-edge research and provides state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary care to patients affected by Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases (EGIDs), including EoE, EG, and EC. This team of medical professionals is the only multidisciplinary program caring for children with EGIDs in the mid-western USA and Rocky Mountain Region. GEDP members have received funding from the NIH in the form of R- and K-level funding, as well as other U proposals. The GEDP will serve as a local site for enrollment into clinical studies in CEGIR, provide local expertise in teaching and research, submit pilot feasibility proposals, and provide administrative support to the CEGIR Administrative Unit.

Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHCO) includes 350 patient beds within a 1.44-million-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility. All relevant technologies and support services for the quaternary care of children are available at CHCO. This new hospital has the distinction of being the first children’s hospital in the USA to have installed a completely electronic medical record (EMR) system.

The Digestive Health Institute clinic at CHCO comprises a dedicated clinic space with large workrooms and 10 exam rooms. The inpatient facility includes dedicated inpatient facilities for Pediatric Gastroenterology inpatients. There is a two-room GI Procedure Unit within the Procedure Center at CHCO.

The majority of Pediatric Gastroenterology clinical research is carried out in the research facilities provided by CHCO and the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (Colorado CTSI). The Colorado CTSI is a collaborative enterprise between University of Colorado Denver, University of Colorado Boulder, six affiliated hospitals and healthcare organizations, and multiple community organizations with a goal to accelerate the translation of research discoveries into improved patient care and public health. The Colorado CTSI partner institutions include University of Colorado Hospital, CHCO, Denver Health, National Jewish Health (NJH), Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente of Colorado. The Colorado CTSI was created in 2008 with funding from the CTSA initiative of the NIH. The Colorado CTSI is supported by the NIH-CTSA and provides outstanding infrastructure and expertise to facilitate patient-oriented research involving infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. The CHCO CTRC includes a 6-bed inpatient unit, a 12-room outpatient clinic, a 10,000-square-foot core laboratory, a bionutrition core, and expert research nursing. The Colorado CTSI offers a Biostatistical Core and a Translational Informatics Core to assist investigators and will interface with the CEGIR Biostatistics and Informatics Core as needed. The CTRC replaced the Pediatric GCRC in 2008, which itself had been funded by the NIH for 45 consecutive years. The CHCO CTRC supports over 160 active protocols performed by over 150 investigators from 39 departments or divisions of the Colorado University School of Medicine (CUSOM). The Colorado CTSI is actively involved in promoting training and education of future physician scientists and clinical investigators through its many educational programs, including the Clinical Sciences PhD and Masters Degree Programs, K12 and pre-doctoral T32 Programs, leadership training programs, career development programs for T32 trainees and junior faculty, and one-on-one assistance to trainees and investigators. These programs provide specialized infrastructure and resources that facilitate the training and development of successful clinical investigators at CUSOM and have contributed to many important medical advances in child health for almost half a century. When appropriate, CEGIR will engage with the Colorado CTSI to accomplish its objectives. The Colorado CTSI is a statewide academic home for the disciplines of clinical and translational sciences and research. The Colorado CTSI enhances, integrates, and transforms training of translational scientists to develop a new generation of investigators with advanced degrees, interdisciplinary and collaborative skills, and a team approach to scientific investigation. A goal of the Colorado CTSI is to transform the performance of bench-to-beside research by providing new resources and infrastructure, integrating current and developing new innovative research tools and methodologies, catalyzing new interdisciplinary research programs, and removing barriers to efficiency. The Colorado CSTI will provide critical translational infrastructure (study design, biostatistics, novel research tools, career mentoring) to all CEGIR Investigators.

CHCO and the CHCO Research Institute (RI) will support all clinical research studies emanating from CEGIR in the form of space for recruitment and research support as needed. CHCO’s RI supports multicenter and industry-sponsored drug and device clinical trials in pediatrics. This unit provides research study coordinators, regulatory support and budgeting, and contracting expertise and greatly facilitates participation in multicenter studies. At any given time, the RI is participating in 250-300 clinical trials and studies.

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Center Personnel

Dan Atkins, MD
CEGIR Investigator
Paul Menard-Katcher, MD
CEGIR Investigator
Cassandra Burger
Clinical Research Coordinator
Jonathon Cahoon
Clinical Research Coordinator
Joel Friedlander, DO, M.Be
CEGIR Pilot Study Investigator
Calies Mendard-Katcher, MD MSCS
Clinical Co-Investigator

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