Term Glossary


Biobank:  A biobank, also known as a biorepository, is a place where biological samples are stored and distributed for research. These samples may include blood, genetic material such as DNA, tissues such as skin or liver or brain, or growing cells made from tissues.

Biorepository: This is the same as a biobank.

Botulinum toxin: This is a muscle relaxer that must be injected into problem muscles. Different preparations are available in different countries including Botox, Dysport, Myobloc, and Xeomin.Their effects generally last 3-4 months, so injections must be repeated several times per year.


Clinical trial: A clinical trial is study designed to determine if a medication or surgery is safe and useful for the treatment of a specific condition.


Meige syndrome: This term sometimes is used to describe a combination of dystonia that affects the facial region, including the area around the eyes and the area around the mouth.


Translational research: Translational research involves converting a discovery made in a laboratory into a useful treatment for people. 

Tremor: This is the medical term for shaky movements. The hands are the most commonly affected, but it is possible to have tremor of the legs, head or other body regions.