Education and Training Opportunities

A critical component of the UCDC is to provide research training for the next generation of investigators and increase the number of research trained physicians, nutritionists, and neuropsychologists who are qualified in the study of patients with urea cycle disorders (UCD), other inborn errors of metabolism and rare diseases.

Fellowship Program

Through NIH and philanthropic funding, the UCDC will provide fellowships to promising young investigators who are dedicated to the study of urea cycle disorders. The fellowships support investigators at the level of postdoctoral or clinical fellows, or junior faculty for a period of 1-2 years. The goal is to provide the research fellowships at critical junctures of the investigators’ careers, in order to allow them to have protected time to pursue a career in academic medicine.

Applications due Feb. 22, 2021


Pilot/Feasibility Project Program

The primary mission of this program is to provide funding for pilot projects or feasibility projects that take maximum advantage of new clinical research opportunities in UCDs. Pilot/feasibility projects that will generate feasibility data and will lead to new UCDC clinical protocols are highly encouraged.   Pilot/feasibility studies may include development of novel laboratory assays and clinical instruments, development of tools for drug discovery (e.g. development of bioassays for screening compounds), development of strategies for assessing current therapeutic interventions, conducting phase I or II clinical trials (under current regulations, NCATS does not support phase IIb and IIb/III trials), analysis of  biomarkers of disease and/or response to therapeutics, or retrospective chart review from different study sites that can add to the analyses being conducted within the UCDC LS.

Half-page abstracts due Jan. 22, 2021
Full submissions due Mar. 15, 2021


Former UCDC Trainees