January 02, 2016

The Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network (RDCRN) website was redesigned in August 2015 to include new functionality for a more user-friendly experience. Based on feedback received, the new website features a streamlined layout of page content and navigation. This makes it easier for users to search for rare diseases studied under the RDCRN, find information about the RDCRN studies, search for patient advocacy groups associated with the RDCRN, and join the RDCRN Contact Registry.

Users can use the Find a Disease tool to find information on any rare disease studied within the RDCRN. The search results may include links to a description of the disease/disorder, the consortium which studies the disease, the RDCRN Contact Registry page, and associated patient advocacy groups.

Additionally, users can search for patient advocacy groups associated with the RDCRN for a particular disease through the redesigned Coaltion of Patient Advocacy Groups (CPAG) page. Simply enter a disease name into the search tool to find associated patient advocacy groups.

Many website visitors will search using a mobile device. Google has noticed in the past year that searches on its website in the US on mobile devices now exceed the number of searches on desktop PCs.1 Additionally in 2015 the number of mobile-only users surpassed the number of desktop-only users.2Providing a mobile accessible website has become essential to engage the largest possible audience. To accommodate this phenomenon, the new RDCRN website now utilizes "responsive" design (it will provide the best visual experience for each device that accesses the website). Now information on RDCRN diseases and research can be easily accessible to anyone, anywhere.

To explore the RDCRN Public Website, please visit: www.rdcrn.org

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